Nick Otis Bio

Drummer and multi-instrumentalist Nick Otis carries on the musical tradition of the legendary Otis family with his distinguished drumming style and many wide-ranging collaborative projects.  Raised in the shared spotlight of his early R&B superstar father Johnny Otis and guitar-prodigy brother Shuggie Otis, Nick was blessed to learn many styles of music at an early age.  As a result, Nick Otis has become an in-disposable tool for world-touring musicians, and has traveled the globe with both his biological and adopted musical families many times over.  

Nick’s current musical ensembles include the traditionally-minded Blues Defenders, the bright and loungey Bossafunkanova (previously known as the Bossa Nova Duo), and the rhythmic and immersive sound-scapers Neon Blue.  He also performs with the “blues-beat soul” artist Quinn DeVeaux and is one of the in-house session drummers at Kid Anderson’s Grease Pit Studios.  His ability to switch effortlessly between styles, and sophisticated drum work have made Nick Otis one of the most sought-after and legendary drummers of his generation.

Nick has also contributed further to the Otis’ families legacy in the form of his very talented son Niko Otis, a rising star in the Northern California music scene.  And like the son, the father is currently at a work on a variety of recording projects and on-going performance engagements, with more and more music on the horizon.  The Otis legacy lives on… and a funky syncopated Nick Otis beat goes right along with it.

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