Nick Otis is a musician who is constantly experimenting with new sounds and styles, as evidenced by his various projects. The Blues Defenders (Founded by Donny Mederos), a band he plays in with other musicians in Sonoma County, is one of his most notable projects. The Blues Defenders are well-known for their electrifying performances that combine traditional blues and swing styles, resulting in a sound that is both classic and timeless. Nick is also the founder of The Bossa Nova Duo, a collaboration with guitarist Matt Silva. The Bossa Nova Duo is dedicated to bringing Brazilian sounds to California, and their music is a fusion of classic Bossa Nova, Jazz, and contemporary styles.

Whether he’s playing with The Blues Defenders or The Bossa Nova Duo, Nick Otis’ talent and versatility shine through, making him one of the region’s most in-demand drummers.

The Bossa Nova Duo

The Blues Defenders

Neon Blue

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